$199 Coaching Future Millionaires

Start-Up Business Course

Price will include a complete makeover of your website and your business.

We will take you to six figures through a complete deep dive into your business and create a plan that will get you sales in your business every day. This is the best time to start to create a legacy for you and your family. We are only taking 10 business owners per quarter -- grab your spot before it sells out!

Coaching Future Millionaires is a business course teaching business owners the exact techniques we used to scale our business to a multi-million dollar enterprise. You will get there by following the course. One-on-one coaching and weekly group coaching sessions.

In this course, we teach exact strategies we utilize in our current businesses. Each topic is taught in great detail - walking you through step by step. We also allow for one and one coaching as well as weekly coaching.

We show you everything we do to make $60,000 and more in our business

Making $60,000 a month plus is definitely doable. With our course we look at everything in your business. Through our one on one coaching we come up with a plan and transform your boutique to make customers come and shop over and over again. We help build your brand the right way!

Use our proven method

Use our exact proven method to grow your brand and be successful!

Get help today with:
  • Creating a Successful Ad Strategy
  • Creating a website that sells
  • Building your social media
  • Creating a successful brand
  • Picking Products to sell
  • Proven Marketing Strategies & Creating your legacy

Hi, I’m Jermaine

I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years running multiple successful businesses. I've successfully ran Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics and Glamorous Chicks Headwraps for over 10 years. I am using the knowledge I have garnered to give back to women and men who are looking to start and grow their businesses,

There is no time as the present!

After completing my masters degree I decided to walk away from corporate america to start my business.

I grew my business to a multi million dollar enterprise.

My online digital course and one on one coaching will teach you exactly what we did to launch and successfully grow our business. We will show you the exact blueprint of what we use to become successful.

Our strategies have helped hundreds of companies and have created incredible results!

You are just steps away from creating your legacy! Learn our EXACT secrets in creating a multimillion dollar brand!

See you inside!